Yes He Can!

I spend a lot of time on this blog, and in real life, focusing on the things Eli can’t do. Today, though, I want to tell you about all of the things Eli CAN do…where he excels and shines. Bear with me for this #mombrag of a post.

  1. Eli’s pediatrician joked when he was a few months old that he “excels in hair growth and eyelashes.” Eli has these amazingly long eyelashes that I bet his sister will kill for in a few years. We hear compliments about them everywhere. He also is a hairy beast. I can hardly go 7-8 weeks without him needing a haircut. When he was an infant, he had this amazingly spiky hair that stood up on its own; it was epic:1475932_10101009560738982_541310273_n
  2. Aside from his physical beauty, Eli is physically strong and fearless. My father-in-law had trouble holding him still for his bris (ritual circumcision) at 8 days old. Talk about making a momma nervous. Eli was a fighter even then. Eli climbs playground structures with little difficulty or fear. If he can’t get up, he keeps trying until he can. Determined little man!
  3. Monkey See, Monkey Do. I am not sure which of my children is which! Eli wants to do everything his big sister does. If she is running around and twirling in the grass, he’s right there with her. If she is singing and dancing, he’s dancing too. And she is very sweet with him, egging him on and laughing with him when he is removing every single couch cushion and finding it hilarious.
  4. He’s smart. Eli can identify all of his colors. He knows many animals that other two-year-olds don’t recognize. When his sister plays hide and seek, he meticulously checks all of the usual hiding spots and never fails to find her. If you observe him, it is clear he is thinking about and absorbing the world around him.
  5. Snuggles. My daughter was not one of those babies who would sleep on me, or snuggle, or want to be held. Eli, on the other hand, seeks that sensory input. Sometimes, he just wants/needs a big hug in the middle of play time. Sometimes, he wants to watch Mickey Mouse pressed up against one of us. And sometimes, he just wants to be picked up and rest his head on my shoulder.
  6. He’s sweet and social/The Ladies Man. For a kid who can’t really talk, Eli sure is popular! The little girls in his class ask repeatedly for “E-I” whenever they see me. He and said girls love to chase each other around the class giggling.
  7. He’s independent. Eli has always been very good at playing by himself. He will stack blocks (he’s also a great builder), do legos, playdoh, nesting dolls and has recently started to like to color. He will ask for help when he needs it, but he’s very comfortable doing his own thing.
  8. (Written by apraxiadad) He loves to eat food and knows what he wants to eat. He will go to the freezer and communicate to us if he wants a burrito, French toast, or pancakes. He will go to the pantry and find Pez, pirate booty, or little bites muffins. If he sees his daddy or sister eat food he will try it because if sister or daddy eats it – it must be good!

I’m sure there’s so much more we could say about Eli. He has apraxia but he is more than any one label. 


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