Wow, Cigna, just wow

Mail from Cigna for apraxiadad! Could it be good news??? A reversal of the appeal perhaps?

Hardly. I included a paper copy of a photo of Eli with my exhibits for the appeal. You know, to put a face on apraxia and our claim. And THEY SENT IT BACK. 

Apraxiadad said, “Wow.” I said, “Wow.” I don’t know if I am more stunned, offended or confused. It has a barcode so it was clearly scanned with the other 100+ pages. But Cigna then went out of the way to MAIL IT BACK. Why? It’s clearly a copy on copy paper, not an original. Could they pretend to care? If they don’t want to look in the face of a kid who needs help as they review and deny him coverage, then toss it. Don’t waste the postage or my time. 


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