What does speech therapy look like?

I am often asked what exactly Eli does in therapy. A lot of it at this age is, necessarily, play-based. The therapist follows his lead with activities, toys and games that he is interested in at that moment and works on the appropriate sounds and/or signs. She makes him complete a task, like putting all of the puzzle pieces in the puzzle he chose and saying “all done” before moving on to the next toy or activity. Clearly, this can be frustrating for any almost-three-year-old, but I appreciate it because neither myself nor apraxiadad nor grandma nor teacher nor babysitter would push him like she does. She gets him to do things that he won’t do for us as regularly. He’s said his name to her (eeeeeyiiii!), and this was the first time I heard say “out” with the t at the end.

As an aside, how is he almost 3?!?


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